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ICC Workshop on Detector Simulations (2016)

Over the last decade, with the development of new detection systems that will take full advantage of the new facilities currently under construction in Europe, the demand for realistic simulations to prepare experiments and facilitate the data analysis is constantly on the rise. This led to the development of several simulation toolkits, more or less experiment/detector specific. Amongst the GANIL-SPIRAL2 ICC activities, the simulation working group is looking for solutions to facilitate exchanges between the different existing simulation tools and avoid work duplication. One recent outcome of this enterprise is that, now, most of the frameworks are compatible with detector geometry file in gdml format, which facilitates the exchange of detector geometry files from one toolkit to another, as well as the implementation of new detectors. After the presentation of the successful AGATA and SToGs simulation tool last year, we propose to hold a workshop on the simulation and data analysis framework NPTool for low-energy nuclear physics experiments. NPTool is based on GEANT4 and ROOT and has recently published in Journal of Physics G Nuclear and Particle Physics, Volume 43, Number 4. The response of a large range of detectors are already simulated using NPTOOL and more information can also be found at the project website, The workshop will take place at the GANIL guesthouse from the 29th of November (2pm) to 1st (1pm) of December 2016(to be confirmed). The main goal of the workshop is to present the framework, assist the participants in the installation (tbc) and demonstrate through tutorials how it can be used:

  • to simulate a reaction with a realistic beam,

  • to analyse real and simulated data,

  • to implement new detectors and connect to a gdml geometry file,

  • and to define or connect to new event generators. (tbc) We are looking forward to welcoming you at GANIL for this workshop.

The Organizers: Adrien Matta, Nicolas de Séréville, Freddy Flavigny, Marc Labiche