A few basics

  • npsimulation and npanalysis facilities can be run from any directory.
  • npanalysis looks in the current directory for an analysis library (libNPAnalysis) to load and use. If not present, the analysis is limited to build the PhysicsTree.
  • To perform a quick analysis of the last Monte Carlo simulation, do:
npanalysis --last-sim

Any additional flag can be used

  • npsimulation can be used in batch mode (with no UI) if the user provides a Geant4 macro file specified with the -B flag
npsimulation -D Example1.detector -E Example1.reaction -B path/to/macro.mac -O FileName
  • npsimulation, npanalysis and the results display can be chained in a single command line using the ‘&&’ operator:
npsimulation -D Example1.detector -E Example1.reaction -B path/to/marcro.mac -O FileName && npanalysis --last-sim -O FileName && root MyMacro.C